Encouraging healthy behaviors is good for your bottom line

Hallmark Business Connections is committed to recognizing employees as individuals, and to providing each employee with the ability to achieve maximum potential in terms of both productivity and personal job satisfaction. HealthWorks—Hallmark Business Connection’s workplace wellness engagement program—is a key component of the company’s effort to achieve happiness, health, and an enriching experience for each employee.

In this case study, discover how Hallmark Business Connections developed a single, cohesive wellness program with relevance to a diverse employee base divided between two distinct locations in Minnesota. Learn about how the company secured support for the wellness program, what they felt it should provide for the people using it, how they promoted engagement within the program, and more.

Some key takeaways from this case study include:

  • Steps to developing the size and scope of a program
  • How to institute a meaningful communication plan
  • Wellness program success stories

From the case study:
“As our program was being built, our team decided on 70% participation as a key indicator of success. 81% of our Hallmark Business Connections staff participated in HealthWorks, surpassing our target goal by 11 percentage points.”

For more information, take a look at our strategies, process, and resources associated with Wellness Engagement Programs.

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