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Building customer trust has become more difficult and more essential than ever.
Building customer trust has become more difficult and more essential than ever.
Marketing to skeptical consumers has never been easy, but the challenge has never been greater than it is today.
A study from the Customer Contact Association (CCA) found that in order for companies to provide a positive customer experience there must be a collaborative effort among all departments.
According to the 2012 Bizrate Insights/Forrester Research Marketplaces Study conducted in partnership with Sucharita Mulpuru at Forrester Research, online marketplaces prove beneficial to both retailers and customers alike.
According to a CMS Wire article featuring a Yesmail Interactive study, marketers are missing key times to engage with their customers.
According to the 2012 Digital Marketing Outlook Survey conducted by the Society of Digital Agencies (SoDA) and Econsultancy, more than 70 percent of marketers plan to reorganize marketing and/or product groups around customer segments in 2012.
According to the 2012 CEO, Social Media & Leadership Survey released by Brandfog, 81 percent of respondents believe that CEOs who engage in social media are better equipped to lead their companies than their peers.
According to research released by Facebook and Forrester in February 2012, marketers must build connected brands to keep pace with consumers’ use of social media.
According to research released in March 2012 by Acxiom and Loyalty360, 84 percent of companies incorporate customer retention marketing strategies into their campaigns.
In February 2012, the National Business Research Institute (NBRI) released Customer Loyalty: What It Is, and Why It’s Important, an infographic that walks the reader through the various aspects of customer loyalty.
According to data released by Chadwick Martin Bailey (CMB) in February 2012, more than a quarter of U.S. adults have completed a customer satisfaction survey over the past year.
According to research released by CMO Council in the fourth quarter of 2011, customers engage in social media to enhance their overall experience with a preferred brand.
According to a Q4 2011 Gallup Management Journal podcast, companies with fully engaged and activated customers see the greatest return on their investment in loyalty programs.

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