Customer Care Solution

How do you lift engagement scores for customers and employees at the same time?  Watch.

The easy-to-use customer care solution

With a few clicks, customer service associates...

  • Quickly select the best Hallmark card for any occasion or situation.
  • Personalize cards with prewritten, brand-boosting, company-compliant messages.
  • Hit Send and it's sent. The card, message and "signature" are automatically printed using Hallmark's proprietary digital handwriting, and it's mailed for you.

No inventory. No drain on your IT resources. Hallmark Business Connections' customer care solution gives you a tangible way to keep improving the customer experience even after the conversation ends.

Measurable results

"Now our associates have a tangible, measurable way to act on our company's commitment to our customers. We've seen a boost in our quality scores just 30 days after we started using Customer Care.  That's an accomplishment that has made us all proud." --Consumers Energy

With reporting and analytics tools to measure the program's effectiveness, you'll have the numbers to prove your department is an innovative leader when it comes to improving the customer experience.

Companies using the customer care solution see an uptick in:

  • Post-survey quality scores
  • Customer satisfaction and net promoter scores
  • Contact center employee engagement scores
  • Brand advocacy through the unsolicited sharing of Hallmark card moments with others
  • Big thank you's sent from customers to the associates after receiving their cards

Contact us to learn more

Contact us and tell us the best time for a 20-minute online meeting. You'll get a quick reply back with an invitation to see the solution and answer your questions.

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