Customer Engagement: Our Philosophy

Your customers want to feel good about being your customer. When you work with Hallmark Business Connections, we can help you build and strengthen those all-important relationships.

Think about it. When was the last time you didn’t open a Hallmark card? There’s an immediate perception of caring that doesn’t happen when you’re using traditional marketing formats. It’s those kinds of emotions that shape your customers’ attitudes toward your company and influence their buying behavior.

It’s about engagement, a two-way interaction that’s both meaningful and personal.

Create authentically human moments.

Genuine connection happens when your customers feel like they matter to you in ways that go beyond goods and services. When they feel like an individual and not a data blip. When a message makes them stop, smile and tell their friends.

So when you’re looking for the best acquisition strategy, go for advocacy. When your customers become advocates for your brand, you can count on them for creating your new customers.

The Hallmark Approach to Customer Engagement

Our greeting card and eCard solutions produce
business results because they help you create
genuinely warm, personal experiences, whether
you’re sending an exclusive offer, apology,
invitation or personal message of appreciation.
Our numbers prove it out.

Rhonda Basler, the leader of our
Customer Engagement team

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Customer Care

We can help you achieve your customer service goals for both customer satisfaction and employee engagement scores. Leave it to Hallmark’s relationship experts to find the right technology to make caring simple, fast and easy.

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Customer Experience

Want to create lifelong fans? Give your customers a memorable Hallmark experience that lets them know how important they are. There’s a reason we enjoy the largest market share of our industry. Let us put that power to work for you.

Go for a long-term customer relationship. Contact us today.

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