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Customers keep raising the bar on us. Better offers? Not enough. Smoother omnichannel operations? Nice start, but keep going. Faster service? More than that. They want a relationship with your brand.

At Hallmark Business Connections, we say Customer Experience (CX) stands for Connected Experiences. People want to buy from people, ones they like and trust, where interactions are more than just transactions.

Here’s what we offer…

Authentic, personal customer engagement, no matter whether it’s with your entire database or on a one-to-one basis. We’ll bring out your brand’s voice and show the human side of your business.

Our innovative customer experience strategy features cards and eCards created with an emotional impact that could only come from Hallmark Business Connections, a company with over a century of expertise building and strengthening relationships. Let’s partner and find a solution fine-tuned to your needs with:

  • Surprise-and-delight programs that promote cross sales, up sales and upgrades
  • Life occasions and holiday programs
  • Appreciation programs
  • Apology programs
  • Welcome and onboarding programs

Connecting With Customers Through Empathy

Ever worry that showing emotion could get in the way of professionalism? We feel your pain, but empowering employees to show empathy leads to happier workers and more loyal customers.

Want to make your customer experience more memorable and boost your net promoter score?

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