Employee Recognition Programs: Our Philosophy

Employee recognition isn't a new concept. But there is an art to it. A generic high-five just won’t cut it, and an “insert-name-here” award goes nowhere. Your goal is to create a culture of sustained employee enrichment that acknowledges all the valuable contributions that move your company forward. Do it right and you've built an engaged workforce that transforms your culture.

How can you get there?

Creating this kind of engagement starts with taking a minute in a busy day to personally connect, to validate, or to congratulate. It’s about growth and bravery, small successes and milestones. Crafting vibrant teams and nurturing emerging leaders to create bonds under a common cause. And when individuals feel like part of a whole, they move your company forward and blow the doors off the old expectations.

Listen to Jonathan McClellan on meaningful employee recognition

Relationship-building is in the Hallmark DNA.

We’ve got over a century (that's right, 100 years) of crafting sincere and thoughtful messages that build and strengthen relationships.

That’s the core of a powerful employee recognition program. It’s about engaging people positively and progressively influencing attitudes and behaviors. Because making people feel valued makes them feel invested in what they do.

And because emotional engagement influences performance, just watch as this momentum spreads from boardroom to mailroom and propels everyone on to greater achievements.

Create a culture of sustained employee enrichment - even if your locations span the globe.


The Human Moment

It’s breaking down the wholeness of the company into the individuals that make up that company, establishing a culture where each one can thrive. It’s cutting through the clutter of a busy day to create memorable, personal moments that show meaningful appreciation and gratitude.

It makes your company the one that everyone wants to work for.

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All your program components work together to maximize efficiency and ease-of-use, but best of all...they ingrain employee recognition into your culture.

The Hallmark approach to employee recognition

It begins with a strategy that can reach around the globe.

Reinforce your company values across locations, employee levels, and cultural diversity with an adaptive approach to an ever-changing business environment.

Where you don’t have to think twice to be thoughtful…

Always have the right mix of recognition products--for the right occasion, with the right incentives, right at your fingertips. 

Using a system built with consistent, dependable flexibility…

It not only simplifies the complex, data-crunching requirements of a secure, enterprise-wide platform, it’s light on its feet with nimble, fast deployment and delivery anywhere.  

All combined to be simply powerful.

Your employee recognition system will be a no-brainer to manage and use, but still has the power to generate insightful reports.

Our Solutions

As your employees progress down their career path, you’ll need the right recognition tools to show that you’re with them every step of the way. 

Welcome Recognition

The first day. It’s more than meeting all the co-workers and taking the quick tour. It’s the introduction to your culture of recognition. With all the time it takes to find the best and brightest talent, don’t miss this one big chance to let them know they've made the right choice. 

Everyday Recognition

Keep building on those first impressions. Your system of recognition has the pats on the back, as well as the quick nods of approval that you need to reinforce behaviors real-time. It’s up to you to call out the smaller, early successes and inspire your employees on to the bigger and better things.

Formal Recognition

The critical projects and the big launches. The efficiency increases and the accident decreases. Whether they come from the extraordinary efforts of an individual or a team, this is your chance to tell the stories of the people that define your company’s success and inspire others to that level of greatness, too.

Milestone Celebrations & Years of Service Recognition

The highest compliment you give your employees is saying thanks for the continued years of service and results. Honoring long-term commitment and loyalty to your company’s success starts on their first anniversary date and grows in stature and status from there.

We help you generate achievement not just through incentives but by genuinely connecting with your employees in ways that inspire.

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