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Listen to Jon McClellan and Krista Klaus on her KMBZ radio show, The Kansas City Power Lunch, as they discuss employee recognition in the workplace.
This white paper is based on the Forum study, Employee Enrichment: An Approach to Leadership and Management that Serves Employees, and highlights the key components of employee enrichment and human value connection, establishing the concepts as central to a new strategic employee motivational approach that seeks to enhance employees' lives based on the expectation that the better a person's well-being, the better that person performs.
This study focuses on understanding how creating engaged employees delivers a dual benefit of increasing both employee productivity and customer engagement.
Download a research report linking employee engagement to customer satisfaction and profitability.
The answer to improving guest satisfaction comes from the attitude of the staff, which can have a significant negative or positive impact on the guest experience.
As the economy shows signs of recovery, chief executives continue to focus on driving profitable revenue growth. Too often, products, brands, and customers are defined as a source of revenue and employees are defined as a cost. However, Forum research has found that employees can make a contribution to a company’s financial success.
According to research released by Salary.com, employees are wasting time on the Internet while at work, lack of motivation and job dissatisfaction being noted as two of the primary reasons for doing so.
According to data collected by Wrike Project Management, the majority of employees (83 percent) work from home for at least part of their day.
According to research released by Harris Interactive on behalf of the American Psychology Association, employee satisfaction has increased since 2011.
According to research released by Towers Watson, highly effective companies include structured communications in their change management processes.
In the 2011/2012 Kenexa® High Performance Institute WorkTrends™ Report, the overall decline in employee engagement is reflected on a global scale.
According to a study released by Pew Research, U.S. employees prefer job security over high-paying jobs when asked to choose between the two.
According to data collected from the Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index and Gallup Daily tracking, there is a correlation between employee engagement and length of commute.
According to a survey conducted by Right Management, just 21 percent of employees in North America say their work is rewarding.
How can a manager learn what motivates their team members when informal dialogues are missing from the workday? How do you keep employees aligned to your culture when they are no longer immersed in it?

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