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Rely on our power-of-choice incentives and Hallmark cards to add motivational rewards, inspiration and ROI to your outreach programs.

Hallmark Business Connections has end-to-end solutions that include mailing and fulfillment services plus the technical ability to create or apply business rules that securely tie into your health and wellness program. In all, you'll have a seamless user experience that supports your positioning in the marketplace.

Health plans choose us not only because our incentives have broad demographic appeal, but also because we meet the high standards of HIPAA, PHI and PII rules.

Power-of-choice incentives are more memorable, generate higher participation and motivate healthy outcomes.

Unlike premium reductions that take a while to show up in employees' paychecks and often go unnoticed, our gift card incentives offer tangible, positive feelings of reward and achievement. They contribute to and help create positive experiences that encourage continued healthy behaviors and outcomes. 

Find out how our incentives boosted health risk assessment completion by 59%.



Power-of-choice incentives create higher rates of member engagement.

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Decide what you want to reward.

Whether it's completing a health assessment, picking a primary physician or making a lifestyle change, once a member completes the desired activities, we'll issue a custom-designed, personalized reward certificate containing a code redeemable for one or more gift cards.

Members choose their favorite gift cards.

They'll have their choice of hundreds of major national-brand gift cards from retailers and restaurants, entertainment and travel providers. You can even pick a list of gift cards with only healthful options. We've found that some people crave immediate gratification, redeeming their awards right away, while others save them up to get bigger, long-wished for purchases. Either way, that positive experience reinforces their choice to live a healthier lifestyle.

Convenience is key, so we make incentive reward redemption easy.

Our online portal branded with your health plan or employer's logo is simple and intuitive. Gift card orders placed by 2 p.m. are sent out the same day with a choice of email or mail delivery.

Power-of-choice incentives reinforce healthy behavior four times over.

In members' minds, gift cards are perceived differently than other incentives - the reward is more memorable, has greater trophy value, allows for more choice and fosters higher satisfaction.

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Use Hallmark cards to spark engagement in your member outreach.

People around the world love receiving greeting cards, and Hallmark is the leading brand worldwide. That goes for Millennials, too. Seventy-four percent said they not only like receiving greeting cards but want to even get more. * 

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When we design a card for you, Hallmark writers help you create a warm, personal, caring message in any number of languages, including Spanish, for reaching and engaging Hispanic audiences.  Add to that an easy-to-read, easy-to-understand educational insert with information on prevention and healthy outcomes and use it as a motivator for:

  • Health assessment surveys
  • Health fairs
  • Flu shots
  • Annual checkups
  • Wellness coaching

If you add an incentive, you'll increase engagement. Just send us your list (absolutely secure) and we'll take care of the printing, personalizing, addressing, stamping and mailing for you.

Thousands of companies have put Hallmark greeting cards to work as powerful direct marketing tools, offering a lift in response rates up to 26%. Read the case study here.


Improve your member experience and satisfaction scores by creating positive, personal relationships.

Hallmark also offers a unique, innovative individual card-sending program that empowers front-line staff to enhance and extend positive communications for your company. Via a web-based interface, wellness coaches, hotline nursing staff, customer service and billing and claims representatives can select, personalize and send Hallmark greeting cards.

  • Offer encouragement and support
  • Remind member of follow-up care
  • Reinforce goals
  • Celebrate milestones, achievements or life events

Winner of the Customer Product of the Year Reward by TMC Customer Magazine, the program has been producing amazing results across industries raising overall customer experience satisfaction rates by 10% or more.

Hear what employees and managers have to say about Hallmark's Care Solution.

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