Health & Wellness at Work and Healthcare Reform

Created by Jennifer Patel on July 18, 2012

On June 28, The Supreme Court of the United States upheld the Affordable Care Act – a plan for expanding health care coverage by requiring most people have insurance or face a fine. The implications of this ruling will continue to evolve, especially through this election year, and employers will need to understand and interpret healthcare issues in a way they haven’t had to for generations.

One thing is certain, with the country’s focus on health care we have an opportunity to make the most of this time by shifting the conversation from treating illness to finding ways to be and stay healthy, even in the workplace.

A person’s health and wellbeing directly impacts how they function and perform at their jobs, which in turn affects a company’s bottom-line. Now, more than ever, health and wellness programs can engage and motivate employees to lead healthier lives, so companies gain a long-term, integrated strategy to help manage healthcare costs and have a healthier, happier workforce.

The influence of the health and wellness conversation leaves an impression everywhere we turn. Does your company have a health and wellness program? If so, do you participate?

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