Hallmark Solutions for the Healthcare Industry

We provide power-of-choice incentive gift cards and specially designed Hallmark cards to the healthcare industry to increase member participation in their programs.

Medicare Advantage & Medicaid Programs
Specifically designed with the needs of your population in mind, you’ll find effective ways to incent, educate and engage while leading your members to healthy, measurable outcomes. Learn More...

Group Health Plans
We'll enhance your health and wellness program with incentives that appeal to all demographics along with engaging, effective messaging that motivates your members to healthier behaviors and results.  Learn More...

Individual Group Health Plans on Public Exchanges
Increase member satisfaction as you gain insight into their wellbeing through the use of incentive and communication programs that encourage preventive care and diagnostic screenings. Learn more...

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Whether your goal is to connect to one person or one million, Hallmark Business Connections will find the right engagement solution for the population you serve. We help you build positive relationships between you and your target audience, inspiring them to take action. In turn, those good feelings equate to measurable outcomes and improved satisfaction scores.

Using any or all of our product mix, you’ll discover functionally easy, emotionally impactful ways to inspire and influence behaviors. We’ll customize and personalize any of our products to help you target specific demographics in order to boost adherence and close gaps in care. We’re also an end-to-end solution provider as we maintain secure, seamless, HIPAA-compliant data integration.

The Hallmark Approach to Improving Health & Wellness Outcomes

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With Hallmark’s selection of national brand gift cards, our incentives are more motivational and rewarding.

In order for incentives to work, they must be something people value. We believe the more reward choices an individual has, the greater the excitement and empowerment the reward will generate. By giving people the power to choose, they’ll feel more in control, translating into healthier behaviors for the long term.

When you work with Hallmark Business Connections, you set the award amount and your recipients get to choose the gift cards they prefer. You can give them their choice of hundreds of major, national-brand retailers and restaurants, travel and entertainment providers, or you can limit their choices to health-related gift card incentives. Either way, our selection has something for everybody, and your recipients can truly gift themselves or share the reward with family and friends.

Hallmark cards perform better than other direct mail formats.

Hallmark Business Connections puts the same relationship-building power that Hallmark cards have in people’s personal lives to work in the health and wellness space. Our cards are proven for their ability to get your message opened, understood and acted upon better than other direct marketing formats - generating response rates up to 26%.

We help you provide the emotional support that’s so critical in motivating healthy behaviors. Because of our strength in connecting people to people, Hallmark cards change attitudes - about their ability to make lifestyle changes and their feelings toward your organization. Because our cards convey caring and compassion, everyone who receives your Hallmark card will feel more invested and more compelled.

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No hoops to jump through—we’re already HIPAA- and CMS-compliant.

Just as we help you build trust with your members, patients and customers, we build IT trust with you. Protecting our customers’ data is a core competency of Hallmark Business Connections. We believe that the trust conversation must be established at the inception of our relationship and continuously maintained and improved throughout our partnership.

At Hallmark Business Connections, we view the security of our customers’ data as an imperative. The confidentiality, integrity and availability of that data are top-of-mind in everything we do, from product development to infrastructure design and operations.

Given the highly sensitive nature of the healthcare data our customers send us, we have adopted a program of Information Technology controls that meet the rigorous standards of HIPAA/HITECH, PCI and SSAE-16 (SOC2).

With legible font sizes, sensitivity to reading level, multiple-language support and labeling, we maintain CMS compliance as well. Learn about our data management, security and compliance.

With legible font sizes, sensitivity to reading level, multiple-language support and labeling, we maintain CMS compliance as well.

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