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Partner with Hallmark Business Connections for effective member outreach and incentive strategies to help you assess the overall health of your members and boost your HEDIS® performance. Our power-of-choice incentives and greeting cards help you turn touchpoints with your members into invaluable opportunities to build and strengthen the member-plan relationship, moving them to action and closing gaps in care.

It’s important for you to understand the overall health of your members, identifying conditions in need of treatment to improve quality of life and wellness - and to help you manage risk adjustment payments. How do you inspire millions to complete the long forms of health risk assessments? Get mammograms, colonoscopies, diabetes tests and other screenings? Continue managing chronic diseases? All the while, educating members about the benefits of a healthy lifestyle while encouraging less-than-fun procedures?

Clients choose Hallmark Business Connections because we’re a one-stop shop for wellness incentives with fast, accurate fulfillment, sure-to-be-opened greeting card communication strategies plus reliable data security, management and compliance.

Get HIPAA-compliant turnkey solutions in a few easy steps.

4 Easy Steps

Power-of-choice incentives create higher rates of member engagement.

For incentives to be motivational, they need to be reflective of your members’ needs and values and must make the psychological association between activity and reward. We make that happen in three ways:

  1. The fun of choosing a major-brand gift card and spending it feels like a guilt-free splurge.
    “I typically buy an item that I really like to have but would not buy without receiving it as gift.” 
  2. Fast delivery of our gift card incentives reinforces the connection to the healthy outcome.
    "I love that I could get my gift card electronically, so I can go shopping right away!”

  3. The trophy value of the item purchased reflects back to your organization as these purchased items are enjoyed and shared with others.
    “These gifts remind me every time I use or see them about the company I received them from and the occasion.”

The language of connection. Hallmark speaks it well.

Because there are as many unique, personal and varied ways to communicate as there are people, we rely on our greeting card sub-brands to convey your message in a way that your members will feel and hear.

Picture [Hallmark Brands]

When used as a direct mail format, Hallmark greeting cards achieved response rates up to 26%. That’s pretty amazing. Because the envelope arrives bearing the familiar Hallmark gold crown, it gets opened, and your custom-designed greeting card and informational insert do the rest to move your target population into action. All this works to differentiate your organization as the one that truly cares about its members’ well-being - a fact not easily forgotten when it comes time to choose a health plan.

Hallmark cards work better than other formats for member outreach and behavioral outcomes.

Achieving a response rate goal to a direct mail health initiative encouraging women to get mammograms is great. Achieving this goal in one month instead of one year proves how powerful a Hallmark card with a power-of-choice incentive can be in fostering positive connections and quick, beneficial actions. Find out how these exceptional results were achieved in this case study

Improve member satisfaction with Hallmark’s Customer Care Solution.


The Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (CAHPS) has identified health plan customer service as a priority. Customer care is a challenge in every business, but when it comes to health plans like yours, the movement of one point in your CAHPS survey scores can factor into your overall Star Ratings and mean millions to your organization. No one is more critical to boosting this score than your frontline personnel.

Hallmark’s Customer Care Solution brings the warm, caring “people side” of your business to life for your members.

This innovative program features Hallmark cards designed specifically for health plan member engagement. Featuring a selection appropriate for business situations and life occasions, each card carries the emotional impact that could only come from Hallmark—a company with the expertise to build and strengthen relationships to foster engagement and ensure measurable results. It’s like having your own Hallmark Gold Crown Store at your fingertips.

With just three clicks, associates can personalize Hallmark cards that celebrate, sympathize and support personal occasions and acknowledge business situations. Along with a brand-enhancing, pre-written personal message, the card is automatically “signed” using a proprietary digital handwriting font. All cards are printed, stamped and mailed without any effort on the part of the associate or inventory of stamps and cards for you to maintain.

With the easy-to-use data analytics and reporting capabilities, you’ll be able to track and measure the effectiveness of the program within your organization.


Results? Impressive.

In a recent case study, both customers and employees express satisfaction and gratitude. Customers surveyed said they were two times more satisfied with the company and over three times more delighted with how their negative issues were handled.

Employees also gave it a thumbs up as they felt empowered to make an empathetic, personal contact when they saw a need. Eighty-two percent participated in the program resulting in an improvement of 18% in job satisfaction.

Watch this video featuring employees using Hallmark’s Customer Care Solution.

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