Linking Organizational Characteristics to Employee Attitudes and Behavior

Research Report – Employee Engagement, Customer Satisfaction & Profitability

HR leaders face a daunting series of challenges these days, with employee engagement levels at record lows. However, they’re still expected to foster workplace positivity and productivity. Forum for People Performance Management and Measurement research has revealed that organizations with engaged employees have satisfied customers and ultimately improved financial performance. Indeed, this direct link offers HR executives a powerful means for strategically impacting their organizations’ overall performances while remaining true to their core departmental objectives. Since it’s an organization’s employees who influence the behavior and attitudes of customers and it’s customers who drive an organization’s profitability, HR leaders must determine ways to boost employee satisfaction.

In this report, we will explore more in depth how employee engagement leads to customer satisfaction and profitability and we’ll offer ideas for applying this research to your business.

Some key takeaways from this research report include:

  • Call to action for HR leaders to improve employee satisfaction through recognition and incentive programs
  • Other key strategies for fostering employee engagement
  • Driving customer loyalty, brand strength, and top and bottom line revenues through engaged employees

From the report:

Recognition and incentive programs have proven to be extremely effective at improving employee engagement levels while delivering a high return on investment. Optimize these valuable tools to improve individual and corporate productivity and to avoid the costly exodus of your best employees…

For more information, take a look at our strategies, process, and resources associated with Employee Recognition Programs.

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