Jonathan McClellan

Employee Recognition Segment Director
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Jonathan McClellan

Meet Jonathan McClellan, Employee Recognition Segment Director at Hallmark Business Connections. Jon leads our employee recognition team providing strategic leadership and employee enrichment solutions for a wide variety of businesses from Fortune 50 to 500. With more than 15 years of creating comprehensive recognition programs that connect ideas to people and people to performance Jon is a creative thinker, a problem solver and a true advocate of holistic employee development.

Jon brings more than 15 years experience connecting ideas to people and people to performance.

What business accomplishment are you most proud of?
For me, it’s the opportunity to develop business models for companies that help simplify complex business objectives and create scalable solutions that empower employees to deliver their best work. I take pride in the work that adds clarity and meaning to why, how and what businesses do. Creating solutions that help enrich the employee experience is intrinsically rewarding work.

What was the best advice you ever got about business?
The best advice I have ever received was from a former manager of mine, a dynamic and provocative leader with a big heart. He greatly influenced my philosophies on leadership and talent development. More specifically, he introduced me to the philosophy that the conversation is the relationship. Success happens one conversation at a time.

Why are you passionate about your job at Hallmark?
I am most inspired by people who deliver on their full potential in the work that they do. How people work is a direct expression of who they are. They’re the ones who are making work look like play. I am fortunate to be surrounded by people like that–both within Hallmark Business Connections and through the many partnerships with companies we create through our solutions. That’s what makes the concepts of full engagement and employee enrichment so rewarding. We get to help build and strengthen the relationships that help businesses thrive. Everyone should get to experience that. My goal is that they do.

What inspires you or gives you insight into industry trends?
The best insights come from the customers themselves. Their candid and authentic conversations are often directional for industries and business as a whole. I’m also a Twitter addict. I follow many of the best minds in the industry (and beyond) and find inspiration from the content that is curated for me by the thought leaders I respect most. I often find myself getting pleasantly lost in the seemingly never-ending pulse of industry trends, insights and perspectives.

What do you think is the biggest challenge for businesses today?
Effective talent development is the biggest challenge. It is extremely hard to do and requires more leadership focus and effort than many companies are willing to invest. But the ones that do are the extraordinary examples we all read about in the business publications. They live their values by building employee experiences that attract, develop and retain the highest caliber talent. They recognize that their people are their biggest competitive advantage and have comprehensive strategies in place to maintain the highest levels of engagement.

What do you do to balance out your work life?
I have become an avid distance runner over the last eight years, and I’ve completed 10 marathons and more than twice as many half marathons over that time. According to some, I’m obsessed. In reality, I’m just curious to see where my legs are capable of taking me.

Also, I consider myself a recreational artist. I love to experiment with “blank canvasses.” I love to create and share new visual concepts, taking a complex idea and reducing it to its simplest form so that others can react to it, and hopefully build upon it.

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