Podcast: Connecting in a Highly Connected World

Emotion has been found to move the human brain toward a decision 3,000 times faster than a rational thought process.  In this webinar, Rhonda Basler, Segment Director of Customer Engagement for Hallmark Business Connections talks about why emotion marketing plays an important role in customer marketing and how to connect with customers through various direct marketing channels.

Check out the podcast to learn how to connect with consumers and the key elements of successful customer marketing programs (viewing time: approximately 30 minutes).

Key takeaways from the webinar include:

  • Emotion marketing is the connection established between brands and customers.  The webinar simulates a customer's thinking process and purchase behavior, which gives an in-depth analysis of how emotional marketing affects purchasing behavior.
  • Getting a consumer's attention, and ultimately winning their loyalty, depends upon marketers to demonstrate four essential pillars of emotional integrity; authenticity, transparency, honest value and genuine interest.
  • To make real emotion connections, target audience is important, which requires a lot of research and investment.  In addition, development of media preferences and communication strategy needs a lot of consumer data and data integration.
  • Knowing your customers' preference for the channels in which they prefer to receive and send communications is vital to creating a positive brand experience.  The right integration of the following channels is vital, including email, direct marketing and social media.

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