Podcast: Enriching Lives Through Employee Wellness

Our days are filled with critical health and wellness decisions. Since we spend such a significant amount of time at work, making the right health decisions at the workplace can start you down the path towards a healthier life. Worksite wellness programs truly enrich the lives of employees by making healthy changes possible in their everyday lives.

In this webinar, Jennifer Norberg Patel, Director of Wellness Engagement at Hallmark Business Connections talks about innovative and successful health and wellness programs.  Successful health and wellness programs increase business productivity and reduce medical costs for businesses. Jennifer also explains how effective workplace wellness starts at the top, requiring participation and commitment from both senior leadership and employees.

Check out the podcast to learn how to initiate and execute health and wellness programs (viewing time: approximately 40 minutes).

Key takeaways from the webinar include:

  • Achieving employee enrichment requires the combination of will (the sense of mission, passion and pride) and the way (resources, support and tool) for employees.
  • Successful employee wellness programs start with senior leadership. Cultivating a workplace wellness culture requires commitment from senior leaders.
  • Ideas for how to encourage participation and engagement of wellness programs - establish trust, set goals, results-driven.
  • Examples of health management and wellness programs and the communication strategy of health and wellness programs. Essential parts of wellness programs include needs assessment, program design, program promotion and results evaluation.
  • Good communication is crucial to the success of health programs. Sharing and responding through social media and mobile platforms should be encouraged to increase participation and engagement of workplace health programs.

For more information, take a look at our strategies, process, and resources associated with Wellness Engagement Programs.

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