Podcast: Making Wellness Work

Join Hallmark Business Connections’ Director of Wellness Engagement Jennifer Patel for an informative webcast where she describes the benefits of establishing an effective workplace wellness plan. In the webcast, Patel outlines why a workplace health and wellness is important, what you need to build a wellness plan, and the keys to understanding the different ways employees will experience your plan.

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As part of the webcast, you’ll learn eight best practices that help to put health and wellness programs in place. You’ll also discover points of initiation with your employees, which will help them partake in the programs you implement. This webcast will help you understand all different types of employees in your workplace and ultimately tailor a program that’s a good fit for everyone.

Key takeaways from this webcast include:

  • Best practices for creating and implementing a health and wellness program in your workplace
  • Identifying and understanding several different personas found within most organizations
  • Practical tips for laying the foundations for change within your own company

 From the webcast:

“We describe the whole-person perspective as understanding each person’s life, and every life each person lives. In the world of wellness, that means creating opportunities for physical and emotional betterment that have positive effects on life both in and out of the workplace.”

Take a look at the webcast to learn how you can impact your workplace by the strategic use of health and wellness programs.  (Viewing time: approximately 20 minutes)

View the Podcast

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