Podcast: Productivity Through Employee Enrichment

Engaged employees are more likely to put customers first and are less likely to leave their jobs.  Higher employee engagement also brings higher employee satisfaction and motivation, which increases business profitability and ROI.  Unfortunately, employee engagement has been in decline in recent years. 

Companies that focus on keeping their employees engaged find the best employees will stay longer.  Transforming the workplace to a culture of enrichment requires the transformation of 5 areas including employee segmentation, empowerment, organization and society, human resources services and developing an organization for people.

Check out the podcast to learn about effective employee engagement and employee enrichment (viewing time: approximately 30 minutes).

Key takeaways from the webinar include:

  • Employee enrichment is the people-centric methodology that genuinely enriches lives of employees  in and outside of the work place.
  • Successful employee enrichment requires leadership, work-life balance, community and communication.
  • Organization leaders need to oversee implementation and monitor the performance and modify enrichment programs if needed.  The leaders need to connect best interests of employees with company objectives.
  • Effective enrichment leadership gives "human value connection" to employees, improving communication flow and activities inside and outside of organizations.
  • Enrichment leadership involves vision development, people alignment (ongoing communication and empowerment), people enrichment (value exchanged between employers and employees).
  • Flexibility and autonomy are important for work - life balance initiatives.  For employees, flexibility really equates better sense of work and life balance.
  • Key employee motivators include autonomy, mastery and purpose.  Autonomy is the urge to direct our own lives.  Mastery is about desire to get better at what matters to someone.  Purpose stands for yearning to do in services of someone larger than ourselves.
  • Employers should provide platforms, such as forums and surveys to list employees' opinions.

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