Podcast: Unlocking Creative Potential - Tools and Techniques for Imaginative Thinking

Join us for a conversation with creativity researchers Robert and Michele Root-Bernstein, in which they discuss such topics as the imaginative thinking methods used by creative individuals and how those methods can be applied to your own problem solving.

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Books we love
There’s lots of great material out there. Here’s a list of some to get you started.

Tools to get you started

This list is a guide to various methods that have been developed to help imaginative thinkers along the path toward a solution:

Mental Notes
Fifty psychology insights into human behavior inform this tool created to help in the design of Web sites, Web apps, and software applications.

Mind Node
This is a versatile mindmapping tool for organizing your ideas as well as your life. It iCloud & Dropbox support for access to your mindmaps anytime you need them.

Collaborate in real time with partners worldwide on building mind maps via iPad, iPhone, or the Web.

Get past sticking points in your thought process quickly and easily.

The Oblique Strategies
This card deck has enhanced creativity and helped clear creative logjams for many a solution finder.

Ideate in an environment that reflects the unfettered atmosphere of creative pursuit.

Creative Whack Pack
Stimulate creative thinking with 84 interactive creativity strategies.

Paper 53
Sketch, write, draw, outline and color your creative process.

Move any project along with the collaborative organization of ongoing research, discussion and exploration.

Enjoy a window on the world of entrepreneurial endeavors from around the world.

Other brainstorming or mind-mapping apps
Check out this article to learn about more useful tools.

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