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A Conversation with Robert and Michele Root-Bernstein

By Hallmark Business Connections | March 23, 2014 | Blog Posts

A creative plumber. An artistic engineer. An imaginative researcher. To many these professions and descriptors seem oddly matched, but according to the authors ofSparks of Genius: The Thirteen Thinking Tools of the World’s Most Creative People, everyone has creative ability. Furthermore, everyone can boost their creativity by exercising imaginative thinking tools.

Last year, inspired by Sparks of Genius, Hallmark Business Connections produced a video about workplace creativity. This year, the team has developed a podcast featuring an interview with Sparks of Genius authors Robert and Michele Root-Bernstein. Conducted by Char Jackson and Jim Moore (creative collaborators at Hallmark Business Connections) the discussion reveals numerous keys to successful, creative problem solving, such as:

  • How personal hobbies fuel imaginative thinking.
  • What happens when the right problem-solver meets the right problem.
  • Why defining your problem well gets you to an answer faster

To learn more about what creativity means and how to harness it, listen to the full podcast.

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Books we love
There’s lots of great material out there. Here’s a list of some to get you started.

Tools to get you started

This list is a guide to various methods that have been developed to help imaginative thinkers along the path toward a solution:

Mind Node
This is a versatile mindmapping tool for organizing your ideas as well as your life. It iCloud & Dropbox support for access to your mindmaps anytime you need them.

Get past sticking points in your thought process quickly and easily.

The Oblique Strategies
This card deck has enhanced creativity and helped clear creative logjams for many a solution finder.

Ideate in an environment that reflects the unfettered atmosphere of creative pursuit.

Creative Whack Pack
Stimulate creative thinking with 84 interactive creativity strategies.

Paper 53
Sketch, write, draw, outline and color your creative process.

Move any project along with the collaborative organization of ongoing research, discussion and exploration.

Enjoy a window on the world of entrepreneurial endeavors from around the world.

Other brainstorming or mind-mapping apps

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