Jennifer Patel had an opportunity to chat with Krista Klaus on her KMBZ radio show, The Kansas City Power Lunch.
Wellness engagement expert Jennifer Patel discusses the importance of recognizing people as individuals in a corporate wellness program—not simply rewarding them as individuals, but also communicating on a personal level and helping them achieve individual goals.
Customer Engagement director and cross-channel marketing expert Rhonda Basler talks about the importance of emotion in its connection to your brand, its role in customers’ decision-making and how to use it to your benefit in direct marketing channels.
Employee enrichment involves the genuine actions of an organization that fully believes that the better a person’s overall well-being, the better that person’s performance.
“Defining a Culture of Enrichment,” describes the concept of employee enrichment and profiles different types of workers who may be in your organization, emphasizing how to get them engaged, and ultimately, enriched.
Wellness Engagement director Jennifer Patel discusses the long-term impacts of innovative health and wellness programs in the workplace and how they effect the everyday life of each employee.
What’s the best response to economic swings? Keeping an engaged, high-morale, happy employee workforce. Heather Teskey, Vice-President of Strategy and Marketing, discusses how engaged employees put their job and customers first and help your company achieve.

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