How to Keep People Motivated When Working Remotely

Slides from Keith Fenhaus and Patty Saari's presentation: “How to Keep People Motivated When Working Remotely” at the 2011 Motivation Show in Boston.

How does an employee build relationships that sustain performance when he or she is always alone?  How can a manager learn what motivates their team members when informal dialogues are missing from the work day?   How do you keep employees aligned to your culture when they are no longer immersed in it?  Find some answers in The Forum’s most recent study.  Including interviews with top organizations who have successfully counteracted the downside that comes with physical distance, this new study is rooted in prior research on the Human Value Connection, which described the role that “community” plays in fostering performance.  The new study also examines resources, such as social media, that can be leveraged as an alternative to traditional face-to-face interactions.  Attend this session for an in depth look at:

Key Takeaways:

  • Issues that businesses commonly face in managing virtually, whether their workplace is partially or completely virutal
  • Leadership and organizational strategies that impact the quality of performance of the remote employee, including motivation and how performance is measured
  • Ideas for keeping virtual employees tightly aligned to the "physical" organization
  • Ways to maximize social media leverage when working in a remote environment

For more information, take a look at our strategies, process, and resources associated with Employee Recognition Programs.

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