Video: It Takes All Kinds to Make a Thought

A deep and insightful animated exploration of creative thinking and collaboration

See what happens when a diverse group of collaborative brainstormers tackles a problem for their befuddled boss.


Get your creativity and ideation expertise, right here!

Tips on planning an effective brainstorm
Don’t have a creative department? Don’t worry. Gathering interested, engaged people around a clearly defined need is something any organization can do.

Tips on maximizing your personal creativity 
Contrary to what some say, everyone has a creative bone in their body. All you need to do is make the most of the kind of problem solver you are.

Books and other resources
There’s lots of great material out there. Here’s a list of some to get you started.

Get a grounding in essential tools and insights.

Art Center College of Design


Resources from Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Resources from Stanford University

The World Café

Get a look!  A 9-year old entrepeneur!

9-year-old's DIY carboard arcade gets flashmobbed
A short film by Nirvan Mulllick captures the entrepreneurial experiences of a boy in East L.A. whose creativity is matched only by his unflagging optimism.  It will inspire you and make you smile, guaranteed.

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