Wellness Incentive Case Studies

When it comes to motivating and rewarding healthy behaviors, count on Hallmark Business Connections for functionally easy, emotionally impactful solutions to encourage people along their wellness journey.
We refashioned a cash-based incentive program at a state health agency and increased participation by over 50%.
Hallmark Business Connections improved the administration of a maternity awards program with incentives that new mothers preferred.
As many as 68% of smokers say they want to quit. Hallmark Business Connections teamed up with a health plan to increase employee participation in smoking cessation activities and saw real results
We increased HRA completion by 220% in the first year with an attractive incentive and awards program designed to bring awareness to healthy lifestyle choices that benefit employees and their families.
Through messaging and incentives Hallmark Business Connections dramatically raised participation in a non-profit organization’s health and wellness programs.
A major institute of higher learning is given a few lessons on how to connect with employees, encourage positive lifestyle changes, and get active.
A respiratory disease management company partnered with Hallmark Business Connections to develop a program to encourage contact and offer support to individuals with asthma or COPD.
Hallmark Business Connections used an incentive program to encourage participation in a health management program for a large regional bank and employees cash in big.

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