6 Reasons to Recognize Workplace Excellence

It’s a fact: employee recognition is valuable for retention, recruiting and promoting a positive company culture. It’s been found that employees who are acknowledged for their workplace contributions are more engaged and inclined to stay with their company longer.

Most employee engagement initiatives recommend recognizing employees for their years of service. But at Hallmark Business Connections, we believe that a years of service program and a recognition program are not one and the same.

Employees should be recognized beyond their years of service. They should be rewarded for workplace excellence, too.

We encourage you to try recognizing your employees for one of the six workplace excellence ideas mentioned below.

1. Great Work

Spotlight your employees who perform their jobs at the highest level and provide exemplary quality and value in everything they do. Recognizing them gives you the opportunity to demonstrate how the work they do and the effort they put forth benefits customers and team members alike. It also emphasizes to the rest of the team and company that what you do and how you do it matters.

2. Company Values

This is where you can strengthen your brand and company culture, both internally and externally, by showcasing employees who bring to life the attitudes and behaviors that fuel your company’s mission, vision and purpose. Recognizing people who exemplify your company values helps increase their influence as a role model for others.

3. Safety


Workplace excellence can be achieved in safety, too. Reinforce your safety policies and programs by recognizing employees who are always alert and proactive to prevent accidents from happening in the first place. Look for people who make safety, wellbeing and security a priority, as well as those who play an active role in creating safe working environments for others through training, mentoring and advocacy.

4. Innovation


To create a culture of innovation, it’s important to reinforce the idea that great ideas can come from anywhere. Recognize employees for sharing, prioritizing and exploring innovative thinking and new ideas for improvement throughout the company, not just in research and development. Reward revenue-generating and cost-saving ideas that directly affect the bottom line.

5. Above and Beyond

Recognize those who invest extra time, energy and effort into advancing a project or opportunity for the betterment of the team, company and customers. Make sure to honor employees who demonstrate constant curiosity about the business and are open to new opportunities to learn and grow. This is also a chance to identify associates who go the extra mile to ensure that their work transitions smoothly between departments or teams.

6. Accomplishments and Wins


Whether it’s a big sales win or the accomplishment of a goal, always celebrate your employees’ business successes. Mark the occasion when employees complete a project on time, to specifications and under budget. Recognize them for growing and strengthening the customer base and the company, and for consistently producing measurable results.

Great employees deserve a thoughtful and valuable moment of recognition. Contact Hallmark Business Connections to find out how your company can start recognizing workplace excellence in an easy, meaningful Hallmark way.

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