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We provide end-to-end services, including technology integrations, product management, reporting, training and more. Find out more below.

Specialty Agency Services

Product Personalization

Production Management


Marketing Support

On-demand Reporting

Training and Support

Data Privacy and Security

Specialty Agency Services

Think of us as your full-service specialty agency. Our client services teams will ensure we’ve aligned on business goals and outcomes while our product development teams will ensure your custom Hallmark greeting card or greeting card collection is flawlessly designed and written.

Client Services

Your dedicated client services team, made up of an account executive, strategy director, product development team and project manager, will guide you every step of the way.

Product Development

We’re Hallmark—we are the best at greeting cards for business and have the creative chops you’re looking for. Our product development teams, made up of creative directors, art directors, editorial directors, designers and writers, specialize in conveying your brand in a custom Hallmark card. Plus, we dive into 100+ years of experience and current research and trends to make sure your greeting card is uniquely your brand and delivers results.

Product Personalization

We offer a wide range of personalization services—each one assuring that your greeting card evokes a genuine feeling from your company to your consumer’s heart.

Personalization offerings:

  • Utilize Hallmark proprietary digital handwriting
  • Addressing and mailing services to print, ship and mail the campaign
  • Make card-sending easy with heartfelt inside personal message options that your employees can choose from and edit as needed

Because authenticity is key, each Hallmark card comes with
a Hallmark gold seal and mailed cards are affixed with a real stamp.

Production Management

When we say “end-to-end” services, we mean it. One of the most important bookends of the greeting card creation process is production and fulfillment. We manage the timeline and production of your greeting cards with Hallmark’s high quality standards.

Greeting Card Production

We’ve been printing and distributing greeting cards for 100+ years. Your greeting card production team will include a strategic buyer and a project manager to ensure everything runs smoothly.


The final step in your card’s production journey is fulfillment. We provide sophisticated personalization services as well as addressing, mailing and shipping.


Hallmark Business Connections provides many options for your technology needs. Already have a platform in place? We can add your Hallmark program to that! Need a quick an easy online ordering solution? We have that, too.

Online User Interface

  • Built specifically for agents, advisors and branches
  • Developed for speed and efficiency
  • Easily implemented (limited IT resources required)


If you prefer that we integrate into your existing system, we can do that, too. Our integrations include single sign-on capability, making it even easier and faster for your teams.


We include a suite of marketing services with each program. We’ll help advertise Hallmark cards to your team members through co-branded initiatives such as:

Direct Mail

Email Marketing

Social Media Advertising

Website and Platform Announcements


On-Demand Reporting

Depending on the type of solution that is best for your needs, we can provide various levels of reporting to enable you to know what is being sent and measure what is working best. Understanding the success of your program is vital, so we’ll help you track its performance.

Training and Support

Training and Education

We’ll provide training via video, on-site or live webinar sessions to help teach your associates why relationship building is important and how to order and send greeting cards.

User Engagement

We’ll create a toolkit of marketing materials that provides inspiration and motivation for your agents, advisors and branches.  

User Engagement

Utilize Hallmark customer support upgrade to VIP customer support with your own 1-800 line.

Data Privacy and Security

Your data is your data—not ours. Hallmark Business Connections does not buy, sell or trade client data. We also do not utilize client or associate data for marketing or any other purpose.

The security of your data is the highest priority. Including the maintenance of rigid systems, secure file transfer protocols and certifications, Hallmark Business Connections is HIPAA compliant.

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