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customer satisfaction case study

Building customer satisfaction and loyalty with the power of Hallmark cards

By Hallmark Business Connections | April 11, 2017 | Customer Engagement Case Studies


What’s the key to growing satisfaction and building loyalty with customers? Companies tout their product or service, but in today’s competitive markets, that’s a given. As businesses scrutinize the steps along their customers’ journey, they find that their customers desire connection. Although unspoken, customers want a company to satisfy their emotional needs in a deeply personal way.

For a global banking giant with over 50 million customers, creating personal connections poses a challenge. Our client wanted an outreach program that could be implemented on a one-to-one level, turning employees into relationship builders who would secure customer loyalty, as well as positively impact Net Promoter Scores. In response, we crafted a uniquely Hallmark solution to foster the emotional bonds that build loyalty and transform customers into advocates and employees into ambassadors.


No matter the size of a company, business still boils down to the day-to-day encounters between people. We enabled bank employees to easily react and respond to customers in a genuinely sincere and surprising way. Whether in the form of an appreciation message, a word of encouragement, a condolence or even an apology, our client’s representatives had the ability to engage and truly connect with their customers….Read the full case study

Building Satisfaction and Loyalty

Read the full case study



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