Custom Greeting Cards

Hallmark greeting cards elevate customer experiences into memorable, meaningful moments that influence behaviors. Discover what your very own custom Hallmark card can do to elevate your brand and grow your business.

Hallmark: Your Specialty Ad Agency for Brand-Right Greeting Cards

Hallmark is more inspired than ever to help brands apply emotional engagement and break through the clutter. We can help your brand create marketing strategies, customer experiences, relationship-building opportunities and employee engagement moments that truly connect with people. Using proprietary Hallmark assets and resources, we help companies infuse their brand with meaning beyond what traditional agencies can do.

Make a Hallmark card uniquely yours.

Custom Greeting Cards

We create one-of-a-kind custom Hallmark cards infused with your brand. These custom Hallmark cards can be used by just about anybody, but especially:

  • Agents, advisors and branches
  • Frontline associates
  • Marketing teams
  • Employee relations

Custom Greeting Cards with Inserts

Pair your Hallmark greeting card with an informational insert or offer and improve marketing ROI.

Custom Digital Cards

We also create custom eCards to support your omnichannel campaigns and ensure your entire audience is reached.

The Process

We do what no other agency has the ability to do: create custom Hallmark greeting cards for brands. So what does it take to create a custom greeting card?

Creative and Strategic Alignment

We start by discussing unique ways to infuse your brand into a Hallmark greeting card, giving you permission to stretch your brand guidelines to achieve an emotional breakthrough.

Trends and Research

We leverage proprietary research to identify trends in color, subject matter, editorial, culture and relationships, so your card always feels authentic and engaging.

Product Development

We take insights from our trends and research group and access Hallmark’s relationship-building experts to inform strong editorial direction and impactful card designs that resonate with your recipients and align with your goals.

Product Sampling

Our creative and account teams regroup with your team or group of buyers to roll out the best greeting card designs and gain feedback.

Printing and Fulfillment

Once final designs are determined and cards are being ordered, we print and fulfill your brand’s custom greeting cards—start to finish with one contract and one project manager. We can even handle your inventory tracking, too.

Thousands of reasons to send.

We provide custom Hallmark greeting cards no matter what your sending occasion may be—whether it’s a business event or a life event.

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