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Hallmark cards outperform similar tactics by 39%.

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Member Outreach


We’ve tested our approach to member engagement, including Medicare/Medicaid and special needs populations (SNP), and found that Hallmark cards get your message opened, read and acted on better than other forms of healthcare direct mail. Motivating preventive care, including PCP visits, mammography, immunizations or screenings, the Hallmark creative team has just the right solution. We put our Hallmark cards up against other top-performing healthcare marketing tactics and produced a 22% lift on average.

Add Your Own Incentives


Generate leads, improve member engagement and increase healthy behaviors by delivering your health and wellness incentives in a familiar Hallmark card. You know the incentives your audience desires. We have the vehicle you need to get it opened and engaged with.

Motivate better health outcomes with member engagement.

Engage members using Hallmark cards.

Discover Hallmark’s solutions for the healthcare industry.

We help you build positive relationships between you and your target audience, inspiring them to take action. In turn, those good feelings equate to measurable outcomes and improve Star® Ratings, CAHPS®, HEDIS®, NPS® and satisfaction scores.

Hallmark Wellness Engagement Cards


Custom Hallmark Greeting Cards & Informational Inserts
Since there are as many unique, personal and varied ways to communicate as there are people, rely on a Hallmark card to speak to niche demographic groups in a way that they’ll hear and feel. Because the envelope arrives bearing the familiar Hallmark crown, it gets opened. Your custom-designed greeting card and easy-to-read, easy-to-understand educational insert does the rest. This warmer communication style differentiates your company as one that truly cares about its members’ well-being—an influential factor when it comes to motivating Medicare/Medicaid, special needs, employee groups and at-risk populations.

Motivate With Confidence
Our goal is to support your strategies effectively and flawlessly. Printing and mailing recommendations are made with your data security in mind, and we’ll send digital assets directly to you or your vendor for deployment.

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