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Hallmark for Customer Experience

Customer Care Solution

For contact centers, customer services teams, frontline associates and CX professionals, discover what Hallmark cards can do improve customer satisfaction, experience ratings, employee engagement and customer retention. Accessible through a web-based portal, Customer Care allows your frontline associates or customer service representatives to personalize Hallmark cards with their own words and prewritten messages. The cards are then “signed” with the associate’s name using digital handwriting and are automatically printed, addressed, stamped and mailed for you. It’s a simple solution with profound results on both employees and customers.  

How to Buy

With three levels of service to choose from, Customer Care is built to grow with you. Explore our levels of service to determine how to buy Customer Care.


Discover the Hallmark products you can use with our Customer Care Solution, including custom greeting cards, personalized digital handwriting and greeting card collections.

How We Can Help

We provide end-to-end services to amplify your customer experience, from integrated technology to production management, from reporting to training and support.

More satisfied customers.
More engaged employees.


Our clients have experienced a 10% lift in customer experience survey scores.

brand perception

75% of customers who receive a Hallmark card report improved perception of the company.


Our clients have seen an 11% increase in customer retention.


95% of customer service associates say Customer Care gives them a feeling of personal accomplishment.

Increase employee satisfaction

Our clients have experienced an 18% increase in employee satisfaction related to empowerment.

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