How to Buy: Customer Care and Large Group Card Sending

Our Customer Care Solution is built to serve your needs, no matter how large or small. Explore the many ways to use Hallmark in your customer experience and the best way for you to buy.

Shop (for companies with fewer than 25 customer service associates)

To personalize Hallmark cards yourself and bulk order in packs of 25, order from our online card shop.


For companies with more than 25 customer service associates, Express has a $0 set-up fee and allows you to quickly launch your Customer Care Solution.


For companies with more than 25 customer service associates, Plus includes enhanced features and training and support to make it easy for you to implement.


Also for companies with more than 25 customer service associates, you can integrate our offering with your existing customer service platform for our highest level of Customer Care.

*Customer Care greeting cards do not include inserts or offers.

Hallmark for Marketers

Need to send cards to a large group of customers or employees for birthdays, anniversaries, apology or appreciation? 
Use our suite of marketing products and services to create lasting relationships with customers and employees.

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