Transformation Through Disruption: Social and Digital Learnings from Marketing Leaders at CareCredit and Hallmark


We’re always thrilled when our clients come to visit Hallmark corporate headquarters. But what makes it even more special is when we have the opportunity to collaborate with our clients regarding their total marketing landscape. We were especially excited to welcome Tuck Ross, SVP of Marketing at CareCredit, a Hallmark Business Connections client and host of the Social Currency Show podcast. Tuck sat down with Lindsey Roy, Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer of Hallmark Greetings, to hear the story of her “hidden advantage.” 

The podcast dives into personal and business transformation, the power of authenticity for a brand, how emotion can be a competitive advantage and how Hallmark is maximizing social media to connect with true humanity and putting care into the world every day. After all, the power of positivity can create change.

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