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Your Employer Brand: 3 Simple Steps to Define It and 7 Big Ideas to Drive It

By Jonathan McClellan | August 14, 2018 | Engage Employees

Customers will never love a company until the employees love it first. —Simon Sinek, author of Start With Why

Creating a strong, authentic employer brand is essential to recruiting, hiring and retaining employees. But if your employer brand isn’t yet defined, you must ask yourself the essential whys and hows to establish one, starting with:

  • Why do your employees work at your company?
  • How do they connect with your organization?
  • Do they feel recognized and appreciated?

An employer brand is built by knowing why people want to work for you. Using this knowledge, you can sustain and encourage the people you want to retain.

So how do you do it? How do you build a strong employer brand for your company and how do you use it to drive employee engagement? Hallmark Business Connections is here to help with 10 must-do’s. 

Step 1: Create an Employee Value Proposition (EVP).

An effective Employee Value Proposition (or EVP) will not only keep your current employees happy and motivated, but it will also refine your recruiting strategies to better attract the candidates you need with a recognition culture you can promote.

Your EVP should outline just how you value your employees. Just as you’ve defined your company value proposition, use the same process for your employees. Decide how you will encourage trust in leadership, promote values employees can identify with, provide work that feels rewarding and empower the ability to grow as an employee. Make your employee culture valuable enough to inspire success.

Step 2: Ensure your EVP promotes recognition culture.

Decide what it means to be an employee of your company and what you hope employees tell their friends and family about their job. Take the time with top management to dig into your current guidelines and expand upon employee recognition programs until you believe you’ve created a community desirable to the people you need.

Step 3: Communicate your EVP effectively.

A modest and invaluable way to spread the success of your EVP is to let it work for you. Praise and value inherently affect output and behavior, and in the same way, your EVP will speak for itself through employees who feel meaningful to your company.

Now that you have created an EVP, have ensured that it aligns with a company culture of recognition and have communicated it to your employees, it’s time to put it into action. Below are 7 big ideas to help you infuse your employer brand throughout the company.

  1. Let your employee success stories do the bragging for you.

Just as happy customers sell your product for you, happy employees sell your EVP to each other and future coworkers. Inspire mirrored success simply by celebrating the employees who embody the culture you encourage.

  1. Celebrate milestones and achievements.

Show your employees you value their presence and performance beyond their length of service or anniversary date. Recognize key project completion, goal accomplishment and higher learning in unique ways, as well as providing valuable feedback about performance and goal-setting opportunities to help guide their future success.

  1. Challenge and empower your employees.

Be an advocate for training opportunities and education reimbursement for those with the desire to be challenged and better contribute to your company. Employees that show this initiative are the ones you want to retain. Why not encourage the process? Consider ways to mentor, guide and encourage professional development.

  1. Reward and recognize often.

Many employee recognition programs are selected and then rarely revisited or refreshed. Decide to reevaluate current programming and upgrade to genuine, unaffected recognition. Remember the importance of employee recognition—and the fact that most employees care more about the recognition than the actual reward itself. Create sincere opportunities to implement continued value.

  1. Create personal connections.

Offer peer-to-peer recognition opportunities to create accountability, collaboration, empathy and respect. Encourage management to be a part of this process and contribute their ideas to promote further connection.

  1. Encourage immediate employee appreciation.

Introduce your EVP and recognition culture during the interview process, and expand it immediately throughout the onboarding process with welcome recognitions, peer connections and apparent-value appreciation from the very start.

  1. Manage your good intentions.

Follow and increase your EVP success the same way you do other aspects of your company—with technology. Online platforms keep speed and convenience a priority without losing sincerity, so you can incorporate the ability to manage a wide range of possibilities while ensuring a personal touch.

Discover a variety of employee engagement possibilities through Hallmark Business Connections and learn how we can help put your ideas into action. Implement your EVP and let your employees spread the success!

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