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Enriching Lives Through Employee Wellness

By Hallmark Business Connections | March 23, 2012 | Blog Posts | Engage Employees

We make health and wellness decisions all the time. What should I have to eat? Do I really feel like going to the gym? Should I speak with my manager about my workload or just grin and bear it? Our answers to simple questions like these can have a significant impact on our long-term health. And clearly, there are people answering them wrong as 34% of U.S. adults are obese, nearly 17 million Americans have Type 2 diabetes and one in three adults has high blood pressure.

Our days are filled with critical health and wellness decisions, and since we spend such a significant amount of time at work, making the right health decisions at the workplace can start you down the path towards a healthier life. Worksite wellness programs can truly enrich the lives of employees by making healthy changes possible in their everyday lives.

Corporate health and wellness programs also provide solutions to engage employees, boost job satisfaction and increase productivity. Employee engagement is crucial for successful participation in health and wellness initiatives. At Hallmark Business Connections, we believe that emotion is the key to engagement. Our wellness programs use emotion-centered, targeted communication to increase engagement and provide memorable incentives and recognition for healthy behaviors. We are dedicated to inspiring and motivating the foundation of every organization: the employees.

By providing an enriching workplace for employees, you’ll be setting the stage for them to provide enthusiastic, energetic support and service to your business and customers.

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