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Stronger Employee Engagement Leads to Better Patient Care for Genesis Health Systems [VIDEO CASE STUDY]

By Jonathan McClellan | January 22, 2019 | Employee Recognition Case Studies | Engage Employees


Based in Davenport, Iowa, with 75 locations, five hospitals and 5,200 employees, Genesis Health Systems had always made employee engagement a priority. But when Genesis employees provided negative feedback about its existing employee recognition platform, the organization’s HR leaders knew it was time to make a change.

Genesis wanted an employee recognition program that gave its staff immediate gratification and didn’t confine them to a points-based program. After thorough research, Genesis Health Systems made the switch to Hallmark Business Connections. To learn more, watch the video below or keep reading.


Hallmark Business Connections established two unique programs for Genesis Health Systems:

  • Excellence Matters: A leader-to-employee program that allows leaders of the company to reward staff with an award certificate and the employee’s choice of gift card.
  • GenCheers: A peer-to-peer program that allows employees to send a non-monetary award to thank, congratulate or celebrate one another.


With real-time recognition functionality, Genesis Health Systems leaders and employees are able to recognize one another anytime, anywhere. To date, the Excellence Matters program has a 100% participation rate. But even more importantly, both programs have boosted morale, enhanced productivity and improved patient care at Genesis Health Systems.

Genesis Health Systems reports a 100% participation rate in the Excellence Matters employee recognition program by Hallmark.

“We believe a happy employee is going to be a successful employee, and they’re going to care for our patients better,” says Nicole Lear, Human Resources Coordinator at Genesis Health Systems. “Of course, that means better patient care.”

Learn More

To learn more about the Hallmark programs designed for Genesis Health Systems, watch the video above. Be sure to explore Employee Engagement case studies, too.

“Our employees find value in the Hallmark program because it gives them recognition they’re seeking for a job well done.”

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