Greeting Card Collections

When you are focused on customer acquisition, satisfaction scores, loyalty and employee engagement, it’s convenient to have a full lineup of Hallmark greeting cards at your fingertips.

What are greeting card collections and do I need one?

A greeting card collection is a lineup of Hallmark cards specifically selected for your organization to use. If you want to empower managers, customer service associates, agents or advisors to order Hallmark cards, you will want to consider a corporate program where you can curate which cards can be ordered. A greeting card collection gives you access to the very best Hallmark greeting cards for business. From our range of greeting cards, you can select which cards will work best to achieve your goals. You can even include custom greeting cards infused with your brand. 

What’s Included

We do what no other printer or agency has the ability to do: give you your very own Hallmark card shop. Powering your people to hear what other clients of Hallmark Business Connections often hear, “You didn’t just send me a card, you sent me a Hallmark card.”

Variety and Range

We gather creative intelligence to ensure that your lineup of greeting cards has variety and range to appeal to all card senders and recipients.

Trends and Research

We leverage proprietary research to identify trends in color, subject matter, editorial, culture and relationships, so every card feels authentic and engaging.

Business Expertise

Through our many years of business greeting card creation, we’ve learned what it takes to break through in a variety of industries and situations. And we’ll apply these lessons as we coach you in selecting your collection.

Save Money

Not every card needs to be custom created. You’ll save money by selecting a combination of ready-to-go Hallmark cards and custom designs for large volume sending occasions. Celebrate smaller moments in business (welcome, new baby, new home, apology, etc.) and save the custom creation for larger initiatives (birthday, holiday, customer acquisition).  

Brand Control and Ease of Use

When your organization has its own greeting card collection, you obtain creative control of the messages your representatives put out in the marketplace.

Make a Hallmark card uniquely yours.

Custom Greeting Cards

We create one-of-a-kind custom Hallmark cards infused with your brand. These custom Hallmark cards can be used by just about anybody, but especially:

  • Agents, advisors and branches
  • Frontline associates
  • Marketing teams
  • Employee relations

Custom Greeting Cards with Inserts

Pair your Hallmark greeting card with an informational insert or offer and improve marketing ROI.

Custom Digital Cards

We also create custom eCards to support your omnichannel campaigns and ensure your entire audience is reached.

Thousands of reasons to send.

We provide Hallmark greeting card collections that address every sending occasion—whether it’s a business event or a life event.

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