Greeting cards, which say hello and hola on the covers, can create a good impression with prospects and new customers.

This Format Will Outperform Your Top-Performing Direct Mail Piece

Every marketer knows its best-performing lead generation tactics. For some it’s email campaigns. For others it’s content marketing. But for a majority, direct mail is still king.

And if you’re a savvy marketer, you also know the top-performing format for your direct mail efforts. Perhaps it’s a three-panel mailer. Perhaps it’s a postcard. Perhaps it’s a business letter.

We’re here to tell you that we have a unique format that will outperform your top-performing direct mail piece. The answer may come as no surprise. (After all, we are the number one greeting card company in the world.)

It’s a Hallmark card.

Case Study: Hallmark Cards Outperform Best-Performing Direct Mail Tactic for Financial Organization

We’ll pit our greeting cards against any top-performing direct mail tactic you’re currently using. We can almost guarantee that our format will be opened, read, understood and acted upon better than your existing solution.

Don’t believe us? Check this out: A modern, data-focused consumer lending company enjoys great success in delivering an emotionally intelligent customer experience. As of a result, this leader in consumer finance has a high growth rate but recognizes that the customer experience starts before the customer is a customer.  While assessing how to obtain and maintain the highest value customers, the company noticed it was a struggle to deliver an optimal experience to current customers while still acquiring new customers.

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