Increasing Customer Engagement: Financial Services Representatives Connect With Their Clients

Increasing Customer Engagement | Financial Services & Clients

Establishing a trusting relationship between financial services representatives and their clients can be one of the most important aspects of successful investing. Making financial decisions is a very personal and emotional experience so a consistent brand message is crucial to maintaining that relationship.

A national financial services company needed a program to enable their representatives to build close, personal relationships with their clients. The result had to be easy to implement, flexible enough for all types of clients, and resonate with the advisors to encourage usage and adoption of the engagement solution.

Hallmark Business Connections is the perfect choice to create a program that facilitates positive communications while maintaining consistent company brand. Because our foundation is firmly grounded in over a century of creating personal connections and emotional attachments we are the perfect solution to promote confidence and reliability.

The Hallmark Business Connections Solution

  • An online ordering system that can be accessed through the company’s intranet.
  • Ease of use meant advisors and business administrators could select a touch point, add their personal message, and send within minutes. Quick turnaround referencing recent conversations or acknowledging milestones made customers feel valued and unique.
  • A broad range of engagement touch points to choose from for relationship building, such as appreciation, apology, sympathy, and other life event celebrations.
  • Clear communications with financial representatives to encourage use of the program to connect personally with their clients.
  • Measurement and reporting to continually develop individuals, teams and the overall program.

More than 70% of company representatives use the portal to connect over 6 million times each year. They’re able to send a sincere message, quickly and easily and customer feedback has been terrific. And, even better, it has included frequent client referrals to friends and family members. The portal solves issues of consistent communications and ensures brand management so everybody’s on message. And because it’s an integral element of new representative training, it empowers them and ensures early success.

These days’ customer service representatives have become marketers. They’re the face of your company and how well they engage with customers can determine how loyal those customers become. It also influences word of mouth, referrals and critically, how they convey satisfaction over social media and other online channels. Hallmark Business Connections can provide just the right tools for your representatives to connect emotionally with your customers to nurture relationships and create lifetime value.

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