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Missouri Company’s Wellness Program Results in Increased Work Productivity

By Hallmark Business Connections | December 16, 2012 | Blog Posts | Engage Customers

According to an article written in Ozark First, a Missouri online newspaper, companies in Springfield, MO, and across the U.S., are taking strides to improve physical health in the workplace. The Springfield Remanufacturing Corp. (SRC) employees rely on support from coworkers to stay motivated in their efforts for “get fit.”

SRC reported seeing an improvement in work productivity as employees began to lose weight and live healthier. According to Keith Boatright, HR Director at SRC, “[SRC’s] claims costs were spiraling out of control,” so the company began brainstorming options to reverse the situation. The solution SRC decided on was to improve employee health with a program intended to promote wellness and weight loss.

The wellbeing of the company wasn’t the only incentive for change, says Boatright; employees were also motivated by gift certificates, cash, and healthcare discounts they could receive as rewards to fitness progress and weight loss. A sense of camaraderie also developed among colleagues, says SRC line inspector Johnnie Mier, who lost nearly 60 pounds at work.

According to employees at SRC, group effort is the strongest motivator when it comes to weight loss and exercise. SRC accountant, Jodie Elrod, relies on a group of “walking buddies” to hold her accountable; the group walks about three miles, five days a week during their lunch breaks. Elrod reported losing 60 pounds since she started her lunchtime workouts.

Employees at SRC believe that the increased productivity is a direct result of the health and wellness program they initiated. They claim that the improved claims costs and lower insurance premiums are also a result of the improved physical and mental health among employees.

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