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One Third of U.S. Workers Not Getting Enough Sleep; See Issues on the Job

By Hallmark Business Connections | December 16, 2012 | Blog Posts | Engage Customers

As indicated by a recent article from WebMD, Lack of Sleep Potentially Putting Public and Workers at Risk, 40.6 million U.S. workers sleep six or fewer hours a day. The National Sleep Foundation advises adults to get seven to nine hours of sleep per day, according to a report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), putting almost half of Americans well under the recommended amount.

Sara Luckhaupt, MD, MPH of the National Institute for Occupation Safety and Health, states, “If a person doesn’t get the recommended amount of sleep, they are at increased risk of injuries that could affect them or the general public.” While this quote refers specifically to commercial driving, research from the CDC indicates that it applies to all workers.

On average, 38 percent of adults ages18–65, have unintentionally fallen asleep during the workday at least once within the past month. But the CDC’s report does more than just highlight these statistics; it also points to sleep-related difficulties for U.S. workers, including concentrating on tasks, remembering daily responsibilities, and driving or taking public transportation.

Concentration and the ability to retain information are two essential workplace capabilities. Unfortunately, most American workers are facing performance issues at the office due to sleep deprivation. Getting the recommended amount of sleep per day can only foster a better, more productive working environment.

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