Personalized Digital Handwriting

Receiving a Hallmark card is a highly authentic experience. But it becomes even more genuine when the card message is written in a personalized font using Hallmark’s proprietary technology that mimics real handwriting.

Why does personalized handwriting matter?

Through extensive quantitative research, Hallmark has invented the right amount of variability to make anyone’s handwriting look authentic digitally. We have found that clients prefer Hallmark’s digital handwriting to true fonts, creating a genuine card-opening experience. Plus, when a sender can use their own digital handwriting, they feel emotional engagement and empowerment—and they don’t have to stress about finding just the right words. We can provide fully written options for using as is or for inspiration.

Personalized Digital Handwriting Options

We offer three different personalized digital handwriting solutions, making your card stand out from the rest.

Individual Personalized Fonts

Our personalized handwritten fonts are created based on an individual’s own handwriting. By filling out a simple worksheet, we can create a digital font for an agent, advisor or company leader.

Company and Corporate Fonts

Sending a message from your company? Let us help you create a personalized corporate handwriting that feels like your organization

Hallmark Proprietary Handwriting

Hallmark creates proprietary handwritten and hand-lettering fonts that only our clients have access to, giving you the opportunity to give your card senders a variety of options if personalized fonts aren’t right for you.

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