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Customer engagement picking the right partner

Picking the Right Partner

By Rhonda Basler | May 24, 2016 | Blog Posts | Engage Customers

“Kansas City Power & Light is honored to be a part of your important moments and memories.”

When I heard this in a Kansas City Power & Light video, I was struck by how much that sounded like something Hallmark would say. When we first began to partner with KCP&L to create and pilot the Customer Care Solution, there was instant chemistry between our two organizations.

We’re truly thankful for our collaboration with this great company as we now launch the Customer Care Solution for other companies to use. We’re also truly proud of the results:

  • A 10-point improvement in customer satisfaction scores
  • 86% of card recipients gave KCP&L the highest approval rating possible
  • 94% of employees say the solution gives them a feeling of personal accomplishment, leading to higher employee engagement scores

Building and strengthening relationships is at the heart of this customer care program—from the associates who get to celebrate or show compassion for customers’ life events and situations, to the customers who are truly touched by the gesture. With just a few clicks, associates can personalize Hallmark cards for customer appreciation, new homes, congratulations, apology, military appreciation, sympathy, thank you, thinking of you and more. The card is automatically “signed” with the associates’ name using Hallmark Business Connections’ proprietary digital handwriting. The cards are printed, stamped and mailed automatically, requiring no inventory for KCP&L and limited effort on the part of the associate.

Our collaboration with Kansas City Power & Light allowed us to learn firsthand from associates. With their input, we learned we needed responsive design to allow for multiple windows to be open on the screen. We reduced the number of clicks from 11 to 3, bringing down the personalizing time to less than a minute. Even our product line of greeting cards changed as we honed in on the situations associates encountered every day.

Hear what KCP&L employees have to say about the Customer Care Solution:



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