Boost Medicare Member Engagement and Satisfaction by Rewarding Healthy Behaviors

Member satisfaction is one of the primary goals for Medicare plans. And the way in which Medicare plans measure member satisfaction is through a system called Star Ratings. Star Ratings evaluate how well Medicare Advantage plans perform in several categories, including quality of care and customer service.

But how do Medicare programs work to improve Star Ratings and member satisfaction? Is there a proven way to do so?

This answer is yes. Here at Hallmark Business Connections, we have found that by creating engaging wellness touchpoints with members, Medicare plans have a better chance of improving Star Ratings and member satisfaction. But what does this approach look like?

Hallmark Solutions for Medicare

how hallmark cards help health and wellness engagementHallmark’s strategy is a proven solution to getting members more engaged in a program. We help Medicare plans create engaging wellness touchpoints throughout the year. Here’s what it looks like:

1. Hallmark writers and artists create a greeting card to connect with members on a personal level, while also delivering your message in a business-appropriate tone and adhering to your brand standards.

2. You can include a coordinating insert for informing, educating or encouraging members, all presented in an easy-to-read, easy-to-understand manner.

3. You can also include a gift card incentive to encourage members to complete a certain behavior. Because people are motivated by different things, we offer hundreds of major-brand gift cards from quality merchants across the country that they can choose from as their reward. You also have the option of limiting those choices to one particular merchant or just a selection of health-related brands.

This approach can help boost adherence, close gaps in care, and inspire members to take action.

Why Does the Hallmark Medicare Solution Work?

We take an “all carrot” approach when it comes to motivating members to visit their primary care physician (PCP) and get screenings, tests and other preventive care. Using the warm, personal “voice of a friend,” a Hallmark card is your best form of direct mail for educating and encouraging Medicare Advantage members to get preventive care or continue treatment, keeping your healthcare costs under control. Overall, our member engagement program keeps your members healthy and encourages the diagnosis and management of chronic conditions.

We’ve tested our approach to member engagement and found that Hallmark cards get your message opened, read, understood and acted upon better than other forms of healthcare direct mail. From design to mailing, every program detail is covered for you and completed with accuracy.

Don’t Forget CMS Requirements

When hunting for a solution for member engagement, it’s critical to find a solution that meets all Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) requirements.

Hallmark works with health plans to adhere to CMS requirements throughout the communication and incentive process, including:

– Being written on a 4th grade reading level.
– Having legible text with a 12-point font size.
– Supporting multiple languages.
– Including return address logo and standard “Health and Wellness or Prevention Information” labeling on envelopes.

Motivate Better Health Outcomes with Member Engagement

 custom Hallmark card including a personal messaged and informational insert motivated members to perform desired behaviors.

Want to learn more? Read this health and wellness case study, Rewarding Healthy Behaviors in a Medicare/Medicaid Special Needs Program (SNP), that proves how quickly a Hallmark health and wellness solution can affect your results.

Visit Us at AHIP 2018!

If you plan to attend the 2018 AHIP National Conference on Medicare, Medicaid and Duals, be sure to schedule a meeting with Hallmark Business Connections to discuss how our program can work for you.

Last Updated: October 2018

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