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Study Shows Companies with Wellness Programs Get More Out of Workers

By Hallmark Business Connections | December 16, 2012 | Blog Posts | Engage Customers

Companies that offer wellness programs harness more production from their employees than those that do not, according to a study released by Principal Financial Group in the fourth quarter of 2011. This data is based on a survey of 394 U.S. adults from firms of 10–1,000 employees who take advantage of at least one wellness program a year.

 Thirty-five percent of respondents claimed they missed fewer days of work on account of the wellness programs offered by their employers. Of the remaining 65 percent, 45 percent were indifferent, and just 20 percent disagreed that a wellness program caused fewer missed days.

Similarly, when asked to provide feedback on the following statement—“By participating in a wellness program, I have more energy to be productive at work”—52 percent agreed, while 36 percent remained indifferent and 12 percent disagreed. Whether it’s exercise making workers feel better physically, or just having an out of work activity to engage in, wellness programs seem to be beneficial, according to the numbers.

Fifty-five percent of employees believe wellness activities offered by an employer can improve health and reduce health risks, while 20 percent do not. The Principal Group’s survey underscores that employees offered at least one wellness benefit will be more productive and efficient than those not offered benefits. Wellness program benefits are also proven to give employees more energy at the office and to cut down on the number of work days missed, according to the research.

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