Reward employees
with their choice of gift cards.


Even the best merchandise catalogs have their limits, and spot bonuses are less impactful when buried in the numbers of a paycheck. By rewarding employees with their choice of gift cards, you reinforce their behavior four times over. At every point, your employees' positive feelings reflect back on your organization.

1. EARNED. Individuals feel a sense of accomplishment.

2. SELECTED. With hundreds of gift card choices, recipients always find a brand they like.

3. SPENT. Shopping with gift cards feels like a guilt-free splurge, all made possible by your recognition. 

4.ENJOYED. Every time employees use the purchased item or show it off to others, your award gets the recognition it deserves.

Employees have their choice of gift cards from hundreds of major-brand retailers and restaurants, recreation and travel options. Delivered by email or mail, gift cards can be used for online or in-store purchases.

Just like Hallmark works in people’s personal lives, we’re there in the work world, too. Your employee recognition program deserves beautifully designed, memorable ways to say thanks or congratulations, to put a spotlight on achievements and to celebrate personal occasions, life events, holidays and milestones. We're dedicated to aligning with your company’s goals, creating relationships to reinforce values and motivating bigger and better performances. Hallmark can help you tell your employees better than any other recognition company in the world.

Our recognition results are measurable.

One of Fortune’s 100 Best Companies turned to Hallmark Business Connections for a recognition program to engage and improve the retention of their employee base that included a large number of Millennials working in remote locations. With the right incentives and mobile recognition and award delivery, participation soared to 70%. Because our recognition platform is built on the ability to send personal messages, staff felt more connected to each other, making for better collaboration and teamwork.

“I was recognized for supporting an internal client and spent the $100 award on rose bushes that I planted in our front yard. Every time I tend to the roses, I smile remembering the kind words of appreciation shared in the recognition.”

Engage your workforce.

Join the ranks of Fortune 500 companies that realize the power of relationships and the role employee recognition plays in their talent development strategy.

"What I would tell someone having some challenges is if they’re looking for good customer service, great creative, good marketing and overall great products,
they should choose Hallmark Business Connections."
--Shannon Murray, Compensation Manager, CSX Transportation


Tell employees how important they are.

Whether you're looking for year-end, year-round or just years of service recognition, we've got a program designed to fit your needs.

You appreciate their contributions.
Tell them.


Two common barriers that most leaders struggle with are finding the time to connect with employees in a meaningful way and knowing how to effectively connect with co-workers on a personal level. Our easy-to-implement recognition platform solves for both.

  • Reinforce your organizational values and strategy by sending real-time recognition via desktop, tablet or smart phone devices.
  • Get seamless data integration along with a scalable technology system that can connect your program across multiple locations and remote workers.
  • Discover the ROI of recognition with custom analytics that measure the application and outcomes of your program.
  • Send beautifully designed Hallmark cards and award certificates that can be customized with your company's logo and brand.
  • Build and strengthen relationships through personalized greeting cards and awards that let your employees send recognition in their own words.
  • Appeal to employees from every demographic as they get to choose the reward they want most.

Functionally easy, emotionally impactful  employee recognition.