The ROI of Engagement: Why Investing in Employee and Customer Relationships Is Important

In the workplace, work-life balance has been replaced with work-life integration. For every generation of worker, there are fewer and fewer lines, limitations and exclusions between our work and our life. We want both to operate seamlessly and successfully to create a truly fulfilled life. This drive puts pressure on employers to not only enable work-life integration, but to make it part of the culture in a positive, accepting way.

The same is true of the relationships we have with companies we buy from. We want companies to fit seamlessly into our lives—effortlessly, positively and in a humanizing way. Whether it’s a B2B buyer engaging in purchase decisions for their work or consumers buying necessities and luxuries for their homes, people want connection and meaning with the companies they do business with.

The Funny Thing About Engagement

We are far more than our employee number or the number on our loyalty membership cards. We are people. And people need engagement to feel productive, successful and responsible. Many companies focus their investment and outreach to employees and customers around business events—a job well done, a new loyalty points tier achieved, a milestone anniversary, a new product to try. But in the age of work-life integration, it is often the events associated with life that really capture the hearts, souls and motivations of employees and customers. A new baby, a new home, the loss of a spouse, sibling or pet, a birthday—these life events reframe our life, including our work life and how/what we buy. Doing the hard work to find and engage with employees and customers in their life is as important as all the outreach we find for business purposes.

In reaching out to employees and customers for both business and life occasions, we fulfill their desire to lead integrated, healthy, whole lives.

That drives the ROI in the form of engagement.

Getting to the Heart of Engagement Metrics

Engagement: so vital to business success, yet so hard to measure the return on investment. Numerous industry statistics support that improving employee and customer engagement contributes to business success. It can be far harder to get specific results on individual strategies and tactics employed by companies that tie to a directly measurable ROI.

Learn how Hallmark is measuring both employee and customer engagement to the ROI in this webinar recorded and broadcasted by the Category Management Association.

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