Case Study: Using Hallmark Cards to Drive Retail Revenue & Digital Engagement

Maintaining a top-of-mind presence with your customers is tough, especially with one-stop e-tailers touting shopping convenience. The answer lies in adopting an omnichannel marketing approach that seamlessly connects with customers through multiple channels in a way that feels natural to the customer journey or experience.

After a high-performing marketing and promotion effort, our client wanted to top those results, surpassing the normal 4-8% response rate and driving even higher levels of success. And because this retailer is widely known for world-class personalized customer service and high quality, our client also wanted to express a heartfelt thanks to customers and reward them with a very special offer. By sending customers Hallmark greeting cards, our client could emotionally engage them in a way that would drive both in-store and online sales.

Because of the typical “clutter” that competes for customers’ attention, we custom designed a greeting card using the client’s brand guidelines and included a message of appreciation along with our client’s limited-time offer. The instantly recognizable envelope bearing the iconic Hallmark gold seal ensures that our client’s message gets opened and read. Over the next few weeks, customers also received two equally engaging emails using Hallmark-created assets that reminded them to take advantage of their exclusive offer.

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