Creating Authentic Connections in an Era of Uncertainty and Transparency: Why Emotion Marketing Works

Marketing to skeptical consumers has never been easy, but the challenge has never been greater than it is today. As information becomes more rapidly available, as consumers adapt to the fast pace of change in contemporary society, as levels of certainty shift almost moment to moment, the drivers behind purchasing decisions change; today’s marketers need to adjust their approach accordingly.

This white paper discusses the best practices for targeting customers on an emotional level and how marketers can use emotion and authenticity to capture awareness and drive sales.

Some key takeaways from the white paper include:

  • How to infuse a strategy based on tapping into the customer’s emotions.
  • Multiple examples of companies that have successfully harnessed emotion in marketing their products.
  • The most successful tactics of an emotionally-connected marketing campaign.

From the white paper:

“Building relationships that withstand the test of time and grow and develop along with technological advances helps build trust and deliver an ongoing and relevant experience for the customer.”

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