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Much has been made of the impact employee recognition can have on reinforcing positive results. And with good reason: Employee recognition can lead to a whole host of positive outcomes, including improved employee engagement, transformed company culture, improved office morale, etc. Typically, when we talk about employee engagement, weâ?™re referring to the ways in which […]

The post The Ripple Effect: How to Motivate Your Employees to Motivate One Another appeared first on The Hallmark Business Connections Blog.

Though we might not have been aware of it at the time, sports and competition taught us the value of engagement and enrichment. We all wanted nothing more than to be the MVP and enjoy the glory associated with it. We learned, we practiced and we received recognition for each milestone accomplished throughout the season. […]

The post Moving the Employee Engagement Needle Past 30 Percent appeared first on The Hallmark Business Connections Blog.

Each year, the Customer Experience Professionals Association (CPXA) hosts a national Customer Experience Day (CXDay). Coinciding with Customer Service Week, this event is dedicated to raising awareness of the customer experience and celebrating the professionals who make great customer experiences happen. Across the globe, more than 2,800 customer experience professionals set aside Oct. 7 to […]

The post Snapshot: Upcoming CXPA Insight Exchange appeared first on The Hallmark Business Connections Blog.

As a Hallmark company we inherently celebrate the people of business â?“ customers, partners, and associates â?“ for the individuals they are and the uniqueness they bring to our lives in the work environment.  As an active member of the Customer Experience Professionals Association (CXPA), we always pause on CXDay (Customer Experience Day â?“ the […]

The post Applying a Fresh Perspective to the Customer Experience: An Interview with Keith Fenhaus, President & CEO of Hallmark Business Connections appeared first on The Hallmark Business Connections Blog.

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