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First things first, to focus on customer experience metrics requires a good deal of focus. Hard to do when you’re in San Diego…       …And while my hometown team, the Royals are in the World Series (first time in 29 years, folks!). But, I prevailed in focusing on CX for three whole days […]

The post Eliminating the Subjectiveness of Customer Experience Metrics appeared first on The Hallmark Business Connections Blog.

At Hallmark Business Connections, we believe employee recognition is a key component of a company’s overall success. When employees feel valued they are motivated to work harder and be successful. While many executives appreciate the importance of recognizing employees for a job well done, there is often uncertainty around which methods are most successful and […]

The post Answers to Common Questions About Employee Recognition appeared first on The Hallmark Business Connections Blog.

Customer engagement is a must, but for anyone selling products or services that can be holiday purchases it becomes much more important in the fourth quarter of the calendar year. So, with both companies and personal friends and families competing for peopleâ?™s attention, how can your company stand apart during the holiday season to truly engage […]

The post Time For The Holidays, Prepare Now appeared first on The Hallmark Business Connections Blog.

Much has been made of the impact employee recognition can have on reinforcing positive results. And with good reason: Employee recognition can lead to a whole host of positive outcomes, including improved employee engagement, transformed company culture, improved office morale, etc. Typically, when we talk about employee engagement, weâ?™re referring to the ways in which […]

The post The Ripple Effect: How to Motivate Your Employees to Motivate One Another appeared first on The Hallmark Business Connections Blog.

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