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We help businesses build and strengthen the relationships that make them thrive. Join over half of the Fortune 100 and boost your bottom line with our easy-to-implement programs. 

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In highly collaborative organizations recognition is a great way to build and strengthen high performing teams. The very best recognizers thrive in such environments because they easily identify the many opportunities to engage people during the natural course of the work flow. In other words, they shine a spotlight on both the big and little […]

The post 7 Things Great Recognizers Do Remarkably Well appeared first on The Hallmark Business Connections Blog.

It is no secret that your employees are the single most critical element in determining business success. But, letâ?™s pause for a moment and consider why and how this works in the realm of customer experience. When customers interact directly with your employees, they can tell if an employee is engaged with their work and […]

The post Cultivate Dynamic Employee Engagement to Deliver Distinguished Customer Experiences appeared first on The Hallmark Business Connections Blog.

Rhonda and I had a blast presenting during the 10th anniversary of The Future Contact Center Summit (FCC) on Jan. 29 in Orlando. We were thrilled with the amount of positive feedback we received both in-person and through social media outlets. The audience loved the video and whiteboard elements in the presentation, and we were […]

The post FCC Recap: Interactive Storytelling and Employee Enrichment appeared first on The Hallmark Business Connections Blog.

I began following the work of noted author, speaker and Forbes contributor, Micah Solomon, some time ago. While Micah and I share a similar point of view, his individual style and perspective provide unique structure and clarity around the real issues companies face today. Iâ?™m delighted to bring Micahâ?™s wit, wisdom and thought-provoking insight to […]

The post The Customer Loyalty Framework That’s Hard Work – But Works appeared first on The Hallmark Business Connections Blog.

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