Relationships are the bottom line.

We help businesses thrive by building and strengthening their relationships with employees and customers.


Engage Employees

Connect employees to your culture, to your business goals and to each other.

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Engage Customers

Reach out to customers in ways that demonstrate their value to your business.

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We make connecting convenient.

Whether you’re connecting with one person or one million, we can customize our products for your business to help get the right message across at just the right time.


Your personalized Hallmark greeting breaks through in mail and email.

Gift Cards

Motivate people by giving them a choice of hundreds of gift cards.


We make it easy to connect to customers and employees anywhere, anytime.


“When it comes to customer appreciation, we only use a Hallmark card. After a year, we stopped testing other formats against it. Nothing came close to working as well.”

—Fortune 500 Consumer Services Client

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